Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

Got a great reminder yesterday of the message from Easter service, and developed it a little further on my own. Very cool to see the recurring themes within the Bible.
Let's define the Adam race. All humans are traced back to Adam himself, and Adam made a decision that titled his bloodline as sinners. The label of "sinner" was a problem for me before I understood it. It struck me as a very negative, dirty word that described a self-defeating cycle we are powerless against. A "sinner" was someone anxiously awaiting the opportunity to cheat, steal, manipulate. Hardly the image of God. I refused to see my Carson as fitting under the umbrella of "sinner." What I came to understand changed everything - We aren't sinners because we sin. We sin because we are sinners.
It's not that Carson is a dark child that seeks to do evil. Carson is a child of God, born into a world of satan, that is inevitably going to miss the mark in this life. He will fail, because he is only human. This statement is synonymous with "He will sin, because he is a sinner." failure = sin, human = sinner.
So how does one defeat the sin nature of being in the Adam race? Don't be in Adam. Be in Christ.
Jesus was born to the Adam race. He defeated the Adam race, and became the Christ race by resurrection. He laid down into a grave, and was raised from it. The motion reminds me of a windshield wiper - lays down, then returns upright.
This is completely parallel to baptism. A believer is to lay down into water, and then be risen from it. A believer's baptism is his own resurrection. Put the Adam inheritance to its grave in water, and rise clean in Christ.

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