Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9, 2010

Whoohoo! Productive prayer time this morning. God must've known the meltdown I would've had if today turned into another yesterday. Honestly, haven't felt much of a "Daily Bread" today. Just a continued conviction to demonstrate His love more fully.
Also- I'm horrible at reading Scripture, or maintaining good habits. Going to start trying a new method. Leaving a Bible in the bathroom, and reading a chapter every time I'm in there. Chances are I can spare three minutes, right?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 8, 2010

Today is HARD. Two kids whining nonstop, Carson playing in the toilet every time I sit down to breathe. I cannot keep my mind focused for the life of me. Zach & I had a good ten minutes of prayer, but the rest of the hour has been utter disappointment. It's only 40 minutes in, and I'm giving up. While writing this, I had to stop three times - Carson took Codie's paci and dunked it in the toilet, Codie needed help with gas pains, and Carson was in the utility room playing in the dryer. And now, gotta get Carson out of the DVDs... Child care and ability to focus on anything simply do not go together well.

Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4, 2010

Three parts today:
1) I started an Anatomy & Physiology class at night this week. We're only on day two, and the last two days of basic chemistry & biology review just have me speechless, in awe of God's intelligent design. I sit in His presence on the drive home and just worship His might. This class is going to be great for my faith. As we were discussing cell membranes last night, the teacher was comparing the membrane to barriers in our daily reality - fences, walls, etc. And I realize that everything man has made for his own convenience, in some way, mimicks the design God has created. Not only is He the Creator of our earth and our bodies, He has created the fundamental science that allows for "man-made" inventions. Romans 1:20 explains that God has put so much of Himself into nature that anyone on this earth will be able to see Him, through his surroundings. I'm taking that a step further. Anyone that enjoys being inside a home can see the way that being protected by walls reflects the cell membrane that exists to protect the cell's nucleus. Anyone that uses a key to unlock his front door can see the way the key is a perfect match to its one and only lock, just as enzymes are a perfect match to their one and only molecule set. There are no ideas that are truly original to man. Everything we create as a mankind, whether intentionally or not, reflects the design of the Creator. What glory this must bring Him.

2) My post a few days ago was misleading. I said that it's okay when I'm busy, God & I just pick up where we left off. Although I know God is patient and understanding, He also deserves a higher priority in my life. The things that keep me busy are parenting, housekeeping, and schoolwork. I perform in these roles far better when I am primarily maintaining my role as a child of God. When I seek to please Him, the rest falls into place.

3) I see the DNI mission as a relay, running the torch. I often feel like I'm failing the team in my leg of the race because I am so frequently interrupted and distracted. There is no such thing as a quiet place with 4 children under 4 in the house. God put it on my heart this morning that there's no minimum distance in my leg of the race. I can travel six inches or a mile, and both bring Him glory. All that matters is that I not drop the torch. To me, this means keeping myself in a state of open communication with Him. If I have to change Codie's diaper mid-prayer, I can pray thanksgiving for a healthy baby. If I have to discipline a kid mid-prayer, I can pray for conviction on my shortcomings, or for justice to those perpetuating darkness. God is perfectly capable of keeping up with the pace in our household, and shifting His focus as mine is shifted. Just don't drop the torch.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010

I was thanking God this morning for financial provision and career opportunities when I got a bit convicted of the significance of these things. They simply aren't that important. In the list of my blessings, I often include air conditioning (especially when it's been repaired and the previous day our house was 83 degrees, but let's not get too specific here), reliable transportation (especially when it's just been repaired and the previous day had no car, but let's not get too specific here), and financial security. Although I am very appreciative of these things, they aren't the core blessings God has provided me. They're measures of comfort. I was born into a circumstance that allows for comfort, some aren't. Some are born into nations of persecution, some are born into poverty, some addiction. God is still their God. They may not be in circumstances as comfortable as mine, but they are still just as blessed. Which has me thinking today (when I can think - really, this four kids + prayer hour thing is hard), what are the core blessings God provides? Unconditional love, forgiveness via salvation (or is it salvation via forgiveness?), the unfailing presence of the Holy Spirit. I'm so quick to be thankful for my comfort that I overlook the biggest blessings I have. I can only hope that I would still feel so blessed if I were to lose my air conditioning, car, and financial security. To find my comfort in Christ alone is ultimate faith-living. I need to get there.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2, 2010

Didn't make it very far in prayer time this morning. The bottomless potty training method sort of takes away from my ability to focus on anything this week. I've got a sense of calm about it - not in a complacent way of settling, but in the way of fitting God into my reality. It reminds me of the way I see my marriage - it's not an option, but a fact of my life that is with me forever. There are days that we don't see each other much or find time for good conversation, as well as times when he's out of town altogether (thank you very much, USAF). This doesn't mean he's no longer my husband. It means we're on pause, and we'll pick up where we left off when time allows us to. God is still my God. I'm going to have a chaotic week of transitioning to four kids in the house, potty training a toddler, handling a newborn with acid reflux, starting night school and maintaining the house. God sees that, understands that, and will wait for me. My challenge is to not take advantage of his patience, and still prioritize the time I can make for Him.

Update: Prayed with Carson last night and Zach this morning - one day in, whoo hoo!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010

I mentioned in a note quite a while back the question that constantly plays in my head - Would Carson know that his parents are Christians?
When this thought first came to me, its intent was pretty obvious to me. I was being called to invite Christ into our home more - to make him a resident rather than a guest. I felt a distinct urging to show Carson prayer in different forms. I was to have him witness me in prayer for the world daily (DNI time), Zach & me in prayer for our family together, and to engage Carson in a prayer of thanksgiving every night. I'm not sure if we've modeled all three of these in the same day yet.
This morning I got heavily convicted on this again, and asked Zach to keep me accountable to it. Even if the prayers are not something he is called to do, supporting his wife's obedience to the Lord most certainly is. This is something I've failed to do many, many times, and really need to take more seriously.

Irrelevant sidenote: Genesis 2:16. God's first commandment to man was one of freedom. Restriction is a secondary order. God does not want to stifle you with rules. He wants you to thrive within the boundaries He sets.