Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

Never expected to relate to an Adam Lambert song, but my theme today is "What do you want from me?"
I've had this notion for the past couple of weeks that I need to learn to speak Spanish. I feel that it would make me a much more valuable witness and volunteer (someday). I prayed on this Friday night and very clearly heard back, "Why learn to talk to them if you don't know how to speak to them?"
One of my signature strengths/weaknesses (because they are the same thing, after all) is that I am horribly uncomfortable around people unlike myself. I tend to take on the personality of my company and often end up misrepresenting myself. I can get away with this when the company I keep is similar enough to me, but it's the core reason why I'm scared to diversify my life. It's not that I fear other cultures, it's that I fear offending these people/making an idiot of myself by trying too hard to relate. Just think of Steve Carrell in... well, any role he's ever played. Remember the episode of The Office with Prison Mike? Exactly. He's at least taller than 5'1 to back up some of that facade.
So the point is, God needs me to not just learn the language. He needs me to learn to represent Him and myself strongly and without compromise. I decided that I'd put off learning the language until I'm in a stronger position. Then I passed a sign yesterday advertising free Spanish lessons on Saturday mornings.

How in the world do you decide if something is a sign from God, or a sign that you're looking too far into things?

I decided to go ahead and proceed with Spanish lessons. We get free Rosetta Stone (thank you, USAF) and I've talked to a lot of other people interested in learning. The idea here is to be fluent in communicating with other cultures before I become fluent in talking to Spanish-speakers.

How do you know God's on my side today? I babysat 6 kids aged 5 & under, wasn't tempted to beat any of them, and didn't even cry! Progress!