Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4, 2010

Three parts today:
1) I started an Anatomy & Physiology class at night this week. We're only on day two, and the last two days of basic chemistry & biology review just have me speechless, in awe of God's intelligent design. I sit in His presence on the drive home and just worship His might. This class is going to be great for my faith. As we were discussing cell membranes last night, the teacher was comparing the membrane to barriers in our daily reality - fences, walls, etc. And I realize that everything man has made for his own convenience, in some way, mimicks the design God has created. Not only is He the Creator of our earth and our bodies, He has created the fundamental science that allows for "man-made" inventions. Romans 1:20 explains that God has put so much of Himself into nature that anyone on this earth will be able to see Him, through his surroundings. I'm taking that a step further. Anyone that enjoys being inside a home can see the way that being protected by walls reflects the cell membrane that exists to protect the cell's nucleus. Anyone that uses a key to unlock his front door can see the way the key is a perfect match to its one and only lock, just as enzymes are a perfect match to their one and only molecule set. There are no ideas that are truly original to man. Everything we create as a mankind, whether intentionally or not, reflects the design of the Creator. What glory this must bring Him.

2) My post a few days ago was misleading. I said that it's okay when I'm busy, God & I just pick up where we left off. Although I know God is patient and understanding, He also deserves a higher priority in my life. The things that keep me busy are parenting, housekeeping, and schoolwork. I perform in these roles far better when I am primarily maintaining my role as a child of God. When I seek to please Him, the rest falls into place.

3) I see the DNI mission as a relay, running the torch. I often feel like I'm failing the team in my leg of the race because I am so frequently interrupted and distracted. There is no such thing as a quiet place with 4 children under 4 in the house. God put it on my heart this morning that there's no minimum distance in my leg of the race. I can travel six inches or a mile, and both bring Him glory. All that matters is that I not drop the torch. To me, this means keeping myself in a state of open communication with Him. If I have to change Codie's diaper mid-prayer, I can pray thanksgiving for a healthy baby. If I have to discipline a kid mid-prayer, I can pray for conviction on my shortcomings, or for justice to those perpetuating darkness. God is perfectly capable of keeping up with the pace in our household, and shifting His focus as mine is shifted. Just don't drop the torch.

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