Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010

I was given a pretty clear reminder this morning to be in the Word more if I want to know God better. Spent the last twenty minutes of prayer time in Acts, reading the letter written to new Gentile believers. It sends a message of baby steps. The letter is short and commands very little of the new believers, as to not throw them headfirst into the deep end. In my past I've tried jumping in to faith - going from very cold to very hot, as to avoid being lukewarm. It gave the same effect as jumping into a cold pool after being in a hot tub - I went into shock. It's too great of a transition to expect it to take place instantly. It's wiser to ease in slowly. Follow what you understand, pray for clarity on issues you don't understand. Trust that God is in control and has wisdom far greater than ours.

Sidenote: What's the greatest thing God's ever done?

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