Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7, 2010

Sonogram technology offers expectant mothers glimpses of their babies before birth. Two-D sonograms measure length and width to get an image of a baby's profile - exciting, but not very personal (honestly, you know they all look alike). Three-D sonograms measure length, width & depth to create a much more realistic snapshot of the baby's face. Sweet as it is to see the baby's face, many moms opt to take it a step further and watch their baby in motion in utero. This is done by applying the fourth dimension, time. If you want to know about God, you can get a 2-D image by hearing about Him from others. If you want to see His face & know Him, you can read the Bible and get a great account of things He's done in the past (emphasis here: in the past. A snapshot is always of a moment already passed). But if you want to watch God move in you in the present, the only way is by applying the fourth dimension of time. Invest your time in prayer and worship, and experience a living God in motion today.

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