Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18, 2010

Heard on the radio: No one ever became a Christian because they lost an argument. Evangelism isn't about out-debating someone, but about modeling the love of Christ for them to see.

(The following was written on 2/18/10, and is being uploaded on 4/29/10. It took me a few detours to figure out exactly where my journal writings should be headed. This is one of those "scenic routes.")

Answered prayer for direction and clarity of my purpose in the Kingdom. I believe these writings are a gift of prophecy- to speak God's truth. My attention to voice in writing, overly analytical approach and tendency to view everything from all sides as a potential debate are blessings sent to prepare and nurture my ability to prophesy.
My flesh is uncomfortable with the idea of attention and leadership. I fear failure and rejection. My flesh is of this world and, because Satan was cast to the earth, my flesh is tainted. My spirit, however, belongs to God. It is crucial that my mortal mind make the decision to answer to my spirit instead of my flesh, especially when my flesh is most uncomfortable. Satan attacks strongest that which intimidates him the most. An existence with God in which your flesh is content is not a growing relationship. Saying it again. An existence with God in which your flesh is content is NOT a growing relationship. The strain of flesh is a healthy trait of spirituality - it is how we measure our growth. Aim for stretch marks. Let the inside grow faster than the outside can contain.

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