Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010

God asked me something this morning, and it is just rubbing me raw.

Would Carson be able to tell his parents are Christians?

Is our household one that proclaims His name boldly? Do we pray without hesitation? Are we modeling Christ's compassion to one another in the privacy of our home?

I don't think so.

Heard: Move within the body and assume leadership positions. Leadership is not something that we are comfortable with, but something that we've done before when necessary (as in, Numana events).
Urging to create a better prayer life for our family and home. Specifically, I need to model three different forms of prayer life for Carson. He needs to witness me praying to God individually, strengthening our personal relationship. He needs to witness Zach & I praying together, so that one day he can understand how to lead his wife in this way. Lastly, I need to be praying with him regularly, on his level. The level of an 18-month-old may be simply "thank you for food and a bed and parents" (that may even be over his head), but by meeting him at his level, I'm giving him an opportunity to grow individually in his prayers. The goal is for him to see where he is at, and where his parents are at as adults, and to bridge this gap with a maturity and submissive spirit for the Lord.

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