Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18, 2010

A prayer for myself - that I no longer fear the coming of Christ. Is anyone else just terrified at the thought of the earth crumbling away under our feet and having to rely on the unseen? I appreciate God, but I really appreciate the predictability that I rely on thanks to physics.
Heard back: How great is life today with God? He's keeping promises and answering prayers without being physically visible. Imagine when He's here, there is no enemy, no more prayer over conflict or darkness. He no longer has to prove Himself to us through works that defy our earthly logic, because our earthly logic has already been defeated. Physics is defeated. Everything in the world is in agreement with His logic and there are no more contradictions.

God never promised us health, wealth, a perfect earth or an easy life in this age. Devastation, boredom with God and frustration are all normal cycles in the age of darkness. All God has promised is that He is faithfully with us, we are not foresaken, and the earth will be His someday. He has never and will never break these promises. Although we often get "stuck" or in ruts, we owe it to Him to remain faithful as well. (Although this was originally written on 1/18/10, I'm typing it on 4/29/10, and it's just what I needed to hear today. Well planned, Big Guy.)

Prayed over: Our finances are mysteriously low this month. Paychecks are what they should be and bills haven't increased, but numbers are just lower than normal.
Heard: Satan is using his tool of money/greed to try to come between Zach & me. We are on a good trajectory for God for the first time (individually and as a team), and money is the top earthly thing couples fight over. We must trust that God will provide, be responsible with what we are given, and rid ourselves of the need to find security in savings.
Heard: Push ourselves to something radical with our savings account. Stop using it as a comfort. Find comfort in God alone.

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