Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010 - Answered Prayer

I was driving Friday night (1/15) from Ark City to El Dorado, taking a route I'm unfamiliar with. As I drove further away from town, I noticed that the fog in the air was becoming increasingly thick. Eventually, I could only see a car length or two in front of my face. Limited visibility + dark + 2-lane country highway + high speed limit + deer in area - experience with this highway = White knuckles on my steering wheel, and racing pulse. No end in sight. After about five minutes of near-cardiac arrest, I finally remembered that there is SOMEONE out there that has control over the fog. I prayed, terrified, that God would lift the fog and banish fear from the car. Before my prayer was even over, it was crystal-clear conditions that lasted the entire drive. This is the first experience I have with an answered prayer in this context - a direct, physical command being performed by God's authority. Praise God! I couldn't wait to tell Zach about this, and did so the next morning. That night (Saturday 1/16), he was driving home from work in El Dorado and also encountered fog so thick he couldn't drive the speed limit on the turnpike. Whaddya know - as soon as he prayed it, that fog was lifted. So metaphorical for living in a earth enveloped in "fog." We feel powerless against this fog, and can only clutch the steering wheel and hold on. Then God steps in and reminds us that fog has no authority when compared with Him. What an AWESOME weekend.

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