Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010

I've been in regular attendance at my home church for a year now. I still don't know 85% of the congregation. I am introduced to the same people regularly, and the same people forget who I am by the next week. I'm frustrated with this, and my flesh feels like the members of the church are self-absorbed and not interested in growth. I spent time in prayer this morning for these members to be more welcoming of growth and to see outside of their comfort zones. Then came the part where God reminds me that my flesh response is not always in agreement with Him. He reminded me that one my flaws is a desperate need for social acceptance. When in social situations, I completely adapt to what is expected of me and often betray the Lord's interest. Had I become intertwined in the social operations of the church family in the year 2009, I would have lost focus of the Lord. I now understand that God has been keeping me away from the social circle of the church family as a means of ensuring my best growth in Him. He's smarter than me.

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