Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010 - Answered Prayer

In our marriage, I am the spender and Zach is the saver. Not that I am reckless or he is stingy, we just have slightly different comfort zones with finances. We've been discussing recently some upcoming financial opportunities we are anticipating and the directions to take these. We'd talked about saving up for the down payment on owning a home, and decided this was responsible. Then God came along and interjected His opinion into our perfectly reasonable earth plan. Conversation was as follows:
God: Give this money as an offering.
Me: I don't wanna.
God: You don't need a nicer house with better flooring. You need to offer your blessings to those in real need.
Me: Okay, deal. But how do I tell Zach this without guaranteeing an argument?
God: I'll convict him when he needs convicting.
Me: Ha, good luck.
Four days pass with me sending regular prayer for a breakthrough to Zach, but no actual word of it to him. Today Zach approached me to let me know that he felt convicted to greater financial offering, however that may be. Conversation was as follows:
Me: silence
God: Zing! I win.

I have the gift of gab, and spend a lot more time talking than is really necessary. God reminded me today that His words do a lot more good than my words.

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