Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010

I was excited when God gave me the "Daily Bread" title because the theme lent itself to a bit of relevant creativity - food for thought, something to chew on, etc. I mainly liked that I can reference the Lord's prayer in a whole new way. 'Give us this day our daily bread' is no longer just about financial security to me, but calling on the Lord to reveal Himself to me in a new way that can be of use to others. It needs to be my anthem, and the first thing I call on God for every morning. Today, the Lord provided my daily bread through my friends Laura and Brandi. To be honest, I was not up for writing today. My energy is tapped out, and I never got a strong lead on what to say. Truthfully, I've been warning myself that not many people read this, and certainly not often. That means no one would really notice if I skipped a few days, right? So, with no intention to log onto blogspot tonight, I just checked my gmail account and saw encouraging comments from friends, and was given a whole new energy for this. God is reminding me how dangerous it is to fall into a place of complacency. Although it's not realistic to expect enthusiasm from my flesh on a daily basis, I do expect even "perseverence mode" to consist of a great desire to please my God. This leads back to prayer time (April 15, 2010 post). It's okay to have to drag your mortal mind into engaging in prayer. Once you're there, your spirit will be reminded of how satisfying it is to offer yourself back to Him.

PS I just had to double-check the definition of complacency with Zach, and have a new appreciation for exactly how well fit it is for this topic. Expect it in my Facebook status before too long.


  1. Jenny, I am proud of you for your efforts and commitments to your blog. Although we don't always appreciate the commitments we make at the time I feel there is always light at the end out the tunnel and we become a better person for those commitments. I hadn't gotten the chance to read your blog until yesterday (mostly because I simply kept forgetting) and yesterday it just hit me. I was feeling something has kinda been missing in my life the past week, an emptiness, and after reading your blog I got a big reminder of what that was. GOD! Duh! I haven't felt as commited in my spiritual life as I should lately and your blog just opened my eyes and kind of put me back on track. I feel much better for it this morning, and feel a sense of purpose again. As part of my own commitment (due to your encouragement) I spent time solely devoted to better understanding my bible and the Lord. I have decided at least 3 days a week to set time aside just for my own personal "bible time", without Kassidy, so I can't put the blame on anyone but myself if I don't go through with my commitment. I feel that the more time I spend commited to understanding the bible and it's teachings the easier and the more encouraged I will feel to be better in my prayer and spiritual life, to fully look to the Lord and trust his plans. Thank you for your time and devotions because it is a true encouragement to me and I am sure others as well.

  2. Your Mom is very proud of you!! Not only are you a wonderful person - you're a great writer, too :-). I enjoy reading your posts and feel blessed to have such a precious daughter.