Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16, 2010

So remember how I've been struggling so bad to stay in perpetual prayer? God gave me an answer this morning, and it's a shocking, mind-blowing, GENIUS revelation: read the Bible. Duh, Jen. In the last two weeks, I've read at least 3 John Grisham novels and not a page of the Word. Doesn't take rocket science to see the connection here.
So now that I have put on the internet that God's told me to read the Bible today, I'm under a good amount of pressure to have a reading report by tomorrow. Thank God for accountability (He's smarter than me).
Change of topic: God's able to use me where I am. There have been so many volunteer opportunities or Bible studies I've wanted to participate in, and can't because of my responsibilities as a mother. I've been under the impression that I will be given my purpose in the Kingdom when the kids are older and my days are freer. Once again, He's smarter than me. This fellowship blog mission is easily and readily available from the home, with the kids here. Thank God for unexpected growth opportunities.

Today's Honesty: I'm quick to put God on the back burner to school and parenting, because I know He's a lot more forgiving and a lot more patient.

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